Interdental brushes – do they prevent and control tooth decay and gum disease?

D:DCIM100MEDIAIMG_0007.JPGGum disease and tooth decay are the main reasons for tooth loss. Unless brushed away, plaque (a sticky film containing bacteria) can build up on the teeth, which can lead to gum inflammation. Plaque is also a key factor in the development of tooth decay. Interdental brushes are designed to clean between the teeth, to remove the plaque in harder to reach areas. They are small headed toothbrushes, available in a range of different widths to match the space between the teeth. They can be cone-shaped or cylindrical. Together with dental floss, interdental brushes are one of the most commonly recommended, advertised and available aids for cleaning between the teeth. But is there evidence that they really work to control tooth decay and reduce gum disease? Continue reading

New Cochrane Oral Health Group Reviews and Protocols for May 2012

Issue 5, 2012 of the Cochrane Library has just been published! The Cochrane Oral Health Group has published 2 new reviews and 2 new protocols:

New review: Single crowns versus conventional fillings for the restoration of root filled teeth
Zbys Fedorowicz, Ben Carter, Raphael Freitas de Souza, Carolina de Andrade Lima Chaves, Mona Nasser, Patrick Sequeira-Byron

This new review features one trial with 117 participants, and concludes that there is currently insufficient reliable evidence on the effectiveness of these two treatments.

ImageNew review: Treatments for adults with prominent lower front teeth
Hideko Minami-Sugaya, Débora A Lentini-Oliveira, Fernando R Carvalho, Marco Antonio C Machado, Clóvis Marzola, Humberto Saconato, Gilmar F Prado

Several treatments have been proposed for this condition, including orthopedics, functional appliances, interceptive and corrective orthodontics and surgery. However, only two small trials matched the inclusion criteria for this review, and more evidence is needed to judge effectiveness.


ImageNew protocol: Interdental brushing for the management of periodontal diseases and dental caries in adults
Tina Poklepovic, Dario Sambunjak, Trevor M Johnson, Pauline Imai, Peter Tugwell, Jason W Nickerson, Jan E Clarkson, Helen V Worthington

This is a protocol for a new systematic review, which will consider the effectiveness of interdental brushing to prevent dental caries and periodontal disease, when compared to regular brushing alone.

New protocol: Rubber dam isolation for restorative treatment in dental patients
Yan Wang, Chunjie Li, He Yuan, May CM Wong, Zongdao Shi, Xuedong Zhou

This new review wil consider the effectiveness of rubber dams in isolating the dental treatment area and controlling moisture. It will compare rubber dams with other methods of isolation (for example, cotton rolls).

Other highlights of the Cochrane Library, Issue 5, 2012 include: