L-R Tanya Walsh, Jan Clarkson, Phil Riley, Helen Worthington, Jo Weldon, Anne Littlewood, Luisa Fernandez-Mauleffinch, Anne-Marie Glenny

2015-09-23_1447Who we are:

Cochrane Oral Health was established in the USA in 1994 and moved to the University of Manchester in the UK in 1996. We are part of Cochrane, an international, independent, not for profit consortium dedicated to providing up-to-date, accurate information about the effects of health care.

The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) is our largest single funder. Cochrane was created in 1993 to produce high quality systematic reviews of clinical trials, and to synthesize medical evidence to help clinicians, policy-makers and the public to make informed decisions about health care. There are now over 50 Cochrane editorial teams around the world, who work together to produce The Cochrane Library. This includes the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, comprising all the reviews and protocols produced by Cochrane, and the Central Register of Controlled Clinical Trials (CENTRAL).

The editorial base of Cochrane Oral Health is in the Division of Dentistry at the University of Manchester, this is staffed by a small team who give support to the authors of our systematic reviews:

  • Co-ordinating Editor: Professor Anne-Marie Glenny
  • Co-ordinating Editor: Professor Jan Clarkson
  • Deputy Co-ordinating Editor: Dr. Phil Riley
  • Managing Editor: Luisa Fernandez-Mauleffinch
  • Managing Editor: Laura MacDonald
  • Information Specialist: Anne Littlewood
  • Editor/Statistical Support: Professor Helen Worthington
  • Editor/Statistical Support: Professor Tanya Walsh
  • Administrator: Janet Lear

Cochrane Oral Health has an additional 15 editors, who give their time voluntarily to decide on new titles, and edit and comment on the reviews produced by the team.

What we do:

Cochrane Oral Health has over 600 authors from 40 different countries engaged in the production of systematic reviews. They are almost all volunteers, who give up their time and expertise to us; we now have over 150 published reviews on subjects such as the prevention and treatment of oral cancer, the prevention and treatment of tooth decay, oral hygiene interventions, the prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases, cleft lip and palate, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics and dental anxiety.  Our aim is to deliver high quality systematic reviews of the best available evidence: randomized controlled trials.

Watch the introductory video about Cochrane Oral Health:

To contact Cochrane Oral Health:

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