Answering the questions: new titles registered with Cochrane Oral Health

Answering questionsLast month we had a meeting of our international editorial team to discuss the new title applications we had received over the last 6 months. We had a lot of applications, and unfortunately were not able to register all of them. We decided that five titles should go forward to protocol stage, from teams in India, Malaysia, and a team based in Germany, the UK and Yemen.

Look out for the protocols coming soon on the Cochrane Library!


Occlusal interventions for managing temporomandibular disorders
Registered by: Balendra Pratap Singh, Srinivasan Jayaraman, Hemant Jivanani,Suja Joseph, Muthu Murugan, Richard Kirubakaran

We have recently restructured our reviews on temporomandibular joint disorders. This title was registered by a team from India, who will be looking at the effectiveness of the oral appliances used to manage this condition, including stabilization splints and tension suppression systems.

Systemic antibiotic prophylaxis for preventing infectious complications in maxillofacial trauma surgery
Registered by: Ubai Alsharif, Essam Al-Moraissi, Samer Alabed

This review will look at antibiotics of any type given in any regimen for people of any age undergoing maxillofacial trauma surgery. Do they prevent surgical site infection and major adverse events?

Interventions for managing necrotic pulp in immature permanent teeth
Registered by: Rajeev Kumar Singh, Vijay Kumar Shakya, Richa Khanna, Balendra Pratap Singh, Garima Jindal

This India-based team are taking on this review considering the methods for regeneration or revascularization of dental pulp in immature teeth. This is a relatively new technique, which can be costly, but is it effective?

School dental screening for oral health
Registered by: Ankita Arora, Shivi Khattri, Noorliza Mastura Ismail, Prashanti Eachempati, Sumanth Kumbargere Nagraj

Can screening children in the school setting improve oral health status, dental attendance and uptake of treatment, and preventive oral health behaviour of children and parents? This Malaysia-based review team will examine the evidence.

Adjunctive systemic antimicrobials for the non-surgical treatment of chronic and aggressive periodontitis
Registered by: Shivi Khattri, Ankita Arora, Chandan Kumar Kusum, Kishore Bhat, Prashanti Eachempati, Sumanth Kumbargere Nagraj

Are antibiotics effective in severe cases of periodontal disease? This review will examine the role of systemic antimicrobials in non-surgical treatment of this condition.

As we have reached the maximum number of registrations for new titles this year, the Editorial Team have decided to hold over the next title registration meeting to April 2017, and we will not be registering any new titles until this date. For more information, see our website.