Review of our 20th anniversary year…

Bringing you Oral Health Evidence since 1995!2015 is drawing to a close, time to reflect on a year in the life of the Cochrane Oral Health Group. A special year as we celebrated 20 years of the Cochrane Oral Health Group in Manchester…We’ve published the following new and updated reviews this year:

The final two don’t have a link yet as publication is pending, but look out for blog posts on these two topics in the new year!

We also published our second diagnostic test accuracy review:

Our work has been cited in 11 guidelines to date this year; in the UK, Germany, Holland, France, Finland and Brazil.

This year’s impact factor for the Group was 3.787, which puts us at par with the 4th journal in the category Dentistry, Surgery and Oral Medicine. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews as a whole achieved an impact factor of 6.032, placing it at number 13 out of 153 in the Medicine, General & Internal category of journals.

We welcomed two new editors to the Group in 2015: Professor Kumbargere N. Sumanth who is based in Malaysia, and Zipporah (Zippy) Iheozor-Ejiofor, who has worked with us at the Editorial Base in Manchester for the past 3 years. Zippy is moving on to a new post in the New Year, but will maintain her links with the Group as Editor.

We also welcomed back Luisa Fernandez-Mauleffinch from maternity leave in October. Luisa has resumed her duties as Managing Editor, alongside Laura MacDonald, who covered for her during her leave and will be staying on with the Group as joint Managing Editor.

Vienna photo

Some of the team in Vienna, with our award winner, Analia Veitz-Keenan

The 23rd Cochrane Colloquium took place in Vienna in October, and many of the staff from the Editorial Base were in attendance. As part of the Colloquium, the Group held a meeting to celebrate our 20th Anniversary, which included a presentation by Analia Veitz-Keenan from the College of Dentistry at New York University. Dr. Veitz-Keenan was the winner of our 20th Anniversary competition to promote the work of the Group, and was a valued guest of the Editorial Team.

We’re now looking forward to 2016 and presenting you with more oral health evidence from our systematic reviews. The Editorial Base will close at 4.30pm today (23rd December), and reopen on 4th January 2016. Season’s greetings and a very happy new year to our authors, editors, contributors and readers.From all at the Cochrane Oral Health Group