Cochrane resources on mouth cancer

shutterstock_163829423November is Mouth Cancer Action Month, and the Cochrane Oral Health Group has a range of systematic reviews dedicated to the topic. Mouth cancer can affect anybody; in the UK more than 6,700 people were diagnosed with the condition last year, and more than 2,000 people died from the disease, more than testicular and cervical cancer combined. Here’s what the evidence says… Continue reading

Taking action on oral cancer


Biopsy of a highly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma of the mouth

Cancer of the mouth is a serious condition and only half of those that develop the disease survive after five years. It is the sixth most common cancer across the world. People who are heavy drinkers and also smoke have 38 times more risk of developing oral cancer than those who do neither. Geographic variation in the occurrence of oral cancer around the world is wide. It is the most common cancer for men in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan and 30% of all new cases of cancer in these countries are oral cancer. Death rates from oral cancer and the negative effects of the disease are high and increasing compared with other forms of cancer, such as breast or colon cancer.

This month is Mouth Cancer Action Month, and the Cochrane Oral Health Group has published a new review and a review update on the diagnosis of oral cancer in The Cochrane Library. Continue reading