PRISMA Flow Diagrams for Cochrane Review Updates


Capturing the flow…. Photo copyright Jonathan Billinger and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence.

In 2012, The Cochrane Collaboration published their Methodological Expectations of Cochrane Intervention Reviews, a set of guidelines showing the mandatory and highly desirable elements of a Cochrane systematic review. One of the MECIR statements was that all new reviews should have a PRISMA flow diagram. A PRISMA flow diagram is essentially a flow chart, showing the number of studies screened, included and excluded at each stage of the review. However, to date there has been no guidance on how to create or expand a PRISMA diagram for a Cochrane review update. A working group of Cochrane Information Specialists have recently published a paper in the Systematic Reviews journal, giving recommendations on PRISMA diagrams and review updates.

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Cochrane and related training for July and August 2013


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The following training is available over the summer, follow the links to find out more!

Systematic review course
Where: Nottingham, UK
When: 2-5 July
Experienced tutors are on hand to give practical advice in this course which involves small group teaching, workshops, interactive tutorial and hands-on practical work.

Introduction to writing a Cochrane systematic review
Where: Kerry Packer Institute for Child Health Research, Sydney, Australia
When: 3-5 July
A three day workshop designed for new authors starting a Cochrane systematic review. You can choose to attend all or part of the workshop. Only authors who have a registered title, or are in the process of registering a title, can join.

Summer School Systematic Reviews
Where: Austrian Cochrane Branch, Danube University, Krems, Austria
When: 8-11 July
This workshop gives a theoretical and practical insight into the process of systematic reviews. It is a combination of lectures and instructor-led and independent practical work. The workshop will be held in German and English.

Symposium: Methods for Evaluating Medical Tests and Biomarkers
Where: Birmingham. UK
When: 15-16 July
An international symposium attracting researchers interested in the development, evaluation or regulation of biomarkers, diagnostic modalities, or other medical tests.  The symposium is to be hosted by the Test & Biomarker Evaluation Research Group based at the University of Birmingham.

Introduction to Systematic Reviews
Where: Gold Coast, Australia
When: 17 July
This workshop provides an introduction to systematic reviews, aimed at clinicians who want to understand how to use a systematic review in their practice. It covers the basic structure of a systematic review, how to critically appraise the quality of a review, search strategies, and interpreting the results of a systematic review. No previous experience with systematic reviews is required.

Developing a Cochrane Systematic Review
Where: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
When: 17 July
This workshop guides participants through the steps of developing a systematic review and includes presentations about Cochrane Collaboration methodology, hands-on practice using the Cochrane Collaboration’s Review Manager (RevMan) software, and a statistics review session. It is limited to Cochrane review authors who have a registered title, have published a protocol in The Cochrane Library or who have a protocol approved for publication by a Cochrane Review Group.

Webinar: Summary of Findings Tables with GRADE Profiler
Where: Online
When: 30 July (12pm, Melbourne UTC+10)
The Cochrane Live webinar series is an opportunity for authors in Australia and the South East Asian region to participate in online, interactive training sessions from the comfort of your own desk. This webinar will cover creating Summary of Findings tables for Cochrane reviews, using GRADE.

TEACH workshop
Where: New York Academy of Medicine, New York City, USA
When: 7-9 August
Registration is open to attend the “Teaching Evidence Assimilation for Collaborative Healthcare” (TEACH) program in New York City. TEACH is for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, librarians and other health care professionals interested in Evidence-Based Care. It utilizes small group learning supplemented by plenary sessions.

Cochrane Standard Author Training Workshop
Where: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
When: 16-18 August
A three day workshop, teaching the basic skills of conducting a systematic review. Topics include protocols, setting your question, literature searching, study selection, assessing bias, data and analysis and formulating conclusions. A hands-on session with the Review Manager software is also included.

Introduction to Systematic Reviews of Interventions
Where: Australasian Cochrane Centre, School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine, Melbourne, Australia
When: 26-27 August
A two day course featuring a mix of hands on activities and presentations. Topics covered include defining the research question, planning inclusion criteria, searching the literature, assessing bias, meta-analysis , data analysis and interpreting results.

DON’T FORGET: early bird registration for the Cochrane Colloquium (Quebec City, 19-23 Sep) ends on the 15 July. Register now so you don’t miss out on the discounted rates!!

20th Anniversary of the Cochrane Collaboration

cochrane_annual_report_logoThe Cochrane Collaboration is twenty years old this year.

To celebrate, 24 videos are being released every two weeks. The videos focus on the ideas, achievements and people that have contributed to the Collaboration’s growth since 1993. They will draw on 100 interviews with past and present Cochrane contributors from around the world.

Check the Collaboration’s Anniversary Website for the first video, released this week!

Scientific programme for the 20th Cochrane Colloquium has been finalized

49 workshops and 68 oral presentations will take place at the Cochrane Colloquium, which will be held from September 30 to October 3 in Auckland, New Zealand. Details of the plenary sessions have also been released:

Rational thinking about health care

  • Richard Smith – Director of the United Health Chronic Initiative and former editor of the BMJ and CEO of the BMJ Publishing Group
  • Catherine Marshall – New Zealand based guideline adviser and health consultant

Beyond healthcare decisions: systematic reviews as a tool for informing future research and research methodology

  • Julian Higgins – Senior Statistician, Cambridge and Professor of Evidence Synthesis, CRD University of York, England
  • Thomas Lumley – Professor of Biostatistics, New Zealand
  • Georgia Salanti – Assistant Professor at the University of Ioannina Medical School, Greece

It’s about connections

  • Bruce Arroll – Professor of General Practice and Primary Health Care, New Zealand
  • Ashley Bloomfield – Acting Deputy Director-General, Ministry of Health, New Zealand
  • Norman Swan – Host of the Health Report, on ABC Radio National, and Tonicon ABC Television (News24), Australia
  • Catherine McIlwain – Cochrane Consumer Co-ordinator, England

Better global health

  • Mike Ardagh – Professor of Emergency Medicine, New Zealand
  • Steffan Crausaz – Acting Chief Executive for PHARMAC, New Zealand
  • Rod Jackson – Professor of Epidemiology, New Zealand
  • Jonathan Craig – Paediatric Nephrologist, Australia

Visit the Colloquium website for more details and to register. Please note that the deadline for early bird registration is 12 July, don’t miss out!

Cochrane and related training for July and August, 2012

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The following training opportunities are available in July and August.  Follow the links for further details!

Developing a protocol for a Cochrane Systematic Review
When: 9-13 July
Where: University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

A workshop for those who have a registered Cochrane title and are working on a protocol. Participants will be guided to develop and write a draft protocol for their review and learn to use RevMan 5 and GradePro software.

Evidence-based cancer care and research: the role of systematic reviews
When: 26-27 July
Where: Queen’s University of Belfast

A two day workshop by the European School of Oncology, which aims to help participants see how systematic reviews can assist people to find their way through the overwhelming volume of research when making decisions and choices about cancer care and further research.

Webinar: creating a “Summary of Findings” table with GRADE Profiler
When: 10 August
Where: online

The Australasian Cochrane Centre presents a webinar which will walk participants through using GRADEPro to pull together statistical results and work through quality assessment.

Evidence-based diagnostics
When: 22-24 August
Where: Bond University, Robina, Queensland

This workshop will give a thorough grounding in standard and new methods in diagnostic research, including appraisal of diagnostic accuracy studies and systematic reviews of diagnostic accuracy.

Webinar: writing a great abstract
When: 28 August
Where: online

The Australasian Cochrane Centre presents a one day seminar on how to write an abstract which will clearly communicate key research findings. Topics covered will include how to include the right information to meet Cochrane reporting standards, selecting important results, and ensuring interpretation is clear.