Metal-free materials for making crowns and bridges

Teeth in the foreground

Fixed prosthodontic treatment is a routine dental procedure in which one or more missing or severely damaged teeth are replaced by artificial substitutes. The material used to make the prosthesis may be made of a metal framework with a veneering of an aesthetic material (ceramic) or entirely in metal or it can be made with different non-metal structures (metal-free materials). There is still uncertainty regarding metal-free long-term performance compared to metal-based crowns and bridges. Continue reading

New title registered at the Cochrane Oral Health Group

The Cochrane Oral Health Group has registered a new title:

Optimal treatment for the edentulous mandible

The review will be led by Leila Jahangiri from New York University. Also on the team are Mijin Choi, Marjan Moghadam, Michael Ferguson and Ivy Peltz, also from New York University. We look forward to publishing the protocol from this new review team at some point in the next year.