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Cochrane Oral Health with their Global Alliance partners from the College of Dentistry, New York University

Frequently asked questions…

What is the Cochrane Oral Health Global Alliance?

Cochrane Oral Health has created an alliance of national and international organizations who are working in the field of oral health. In return for a yearly contribution, organizations have nominated someone to join a panel of clinical experts to prioritize reviews. Cochrane Oral Health have used this investment to deliver important, priority reviews in a timelier manner by increasing methodological capacity at the editorial base and working in a strategic way with international experts.

Why a Global Alliance?

Previously, Cochrane Oral Health reviews were undertaken by clinicians with some limited methodological help from the editorial base. Once published, each review needs regular updating (current Cochrane guidance is every two years).  Due to increased commitments on clinicians’ time and more complex research methods being introduced centrally, Cochrane Oral Health needed to fundamentally change the way that many of its reviews were conducted. The team is unable to accept funding from industrial or pharmaceutical companies, so an alternative source of funding was established to supplement the generous support already received by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). Cochrane reviews have been utilised by almost all international dental organisations/specialties and the donations of Global Alliance partners help our work to continue.

What has Cochrane Oral Health delivered?

Thanks in part to the support of the Global Alliance, the increased methodological capacity at the Editorial Base has resulted in a 50% increase in review production. A senior systematic reviewer has been appointed to work full-time on producing high quality systematic reviews in dentistry and oral health, with administrative support. The expertise of the Global Alliance partners has also enabled the team to launch a prioritization exercise, which has resulted in a portfolio of 81 existing titles which are priority topics for updating.

Read more about our achievements in our latest report to the Global Alliance partners.

How much does it cost to join?

Organizations have set their own level of contribution. A commitment to be involved and to improve the quality of Cochrane Oral Health’s systematic reviews is more important than the amount of the contribution.

What do organizations gain from joining the Global Alliance?

Acknowledgement of external funding to support Cochrane Oral Health is visible on websites and all new published reviews and updates. Members of the Global Alliance are consulted on the prioritization of reviews to be undertaken, nominations of individuals to act as Clinical/Content Experts are invited from organizations contributing to the Global Alliance.

We thank all of these organizations for their generous support.



To get involved with the Global Alliance contact the Editorial Base:

Global Alliance
Cochrane Oral Health

Division of Dentistry
University of Manchester
Coupland III Building
Oxford Road
M13 9PL



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