Cochrane and related training for the New Year

The following training courses are available in early 2019. Follow the links to find out more!

NEW WEBINAR: Introduction to the new Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions (Version 6)
Where: online
When: 29 January 2019

In this webinar, Julian Higgins and James Thomas – Senior Editors of the Version 6 of the Cochrane Handbook – will present the new Handbook, explain how it was developed and how it is organized online and in the printed version (to be published in 2019). They will comment on the target audience of the Handbook and introduce the key sections and changes in relation to the previous Handbook version. At the end of the webinar there will be time for questions and answers. Register here.

Systematic review part II: how to conduct a systematic review
Where: Mechelen, Belgium
When: 14-15 January 2019

This workshop, organised by Cochrane Belgium, is aimed at healthcare professionals and researchers actively involved in performing a Cochrane systematic review. Ideally, participants will have already finished their protocol. This course is also open to authors of non-Cochrane systematic reviews.

Introduction to Cochrane methodology
Where: Gothenburg, Sweden
When: 5-6 February 2019

Cochrane Sweden and Cochrane Norway welcome you to a 2-day workshop on basic Cochrane Methodology. The workshop is organized in cooperation with the Unit of Primary Healthcare, Department of Public Health and Community Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Beginning a systematic review protocol
Where: Oxford, UK
When: 5 February 2019

RA1 is targeted at authors who are at the very beginning of the review process and includes small group discussions around each authors review question. This workshop also incorporates an introduction to RevMan, and the appropriate procedures for working on a protocol using RevMan. Register here.

The methods section of the protocol
Where: Oxford, UK
When: 6 February 2019

RA2 is usually run on the day following RA1, so authors can choose to take the two days in succession or as stand-alone courses. This day is designed to help authors further develop their protocol, introducing them to searching for studies, study selection and data collection procedures, risk of bias, and analysis topics which require planning at the protocol stage. The day contains activities which enable authors to reflect on their own protocol and time to work in RevMan. Register here.

Analysis methods for systematic reviews
Where: Oxford, UK
When: 26 February 2019

RA3 is designed to target authors who have spent time working on their systematic review, are in the process of (or have just finished) study selection, and are now thinking about their analysis. This day enables authors to think through the appropriateness of their data collection form, and goes into further detail about analysis methods and models, and exploring heterogeneity. Register here.

Advanced topics in the analysis and reporting of systematic reviews
Where: Oxford, UK
When: 27 February 2019

RA4 contains a large amount of training material and activities to cover common issues which arise with continuous data types. It also covers how to deal with data in different formats, over-coming unit of analysis issues and dealing with multiplicity in reviews, as well as using GRADE and Summary of Findings Tables. The workshop aims to raise awareness of a variety of methods that are available for use in systematic reviews to overcome common pitfalls, and to empower review authors to seek statistical support when appropriate. Register here.