Cochrane and related training in 2018

Are you looking for some training in systematic review methodology, or a related topic? Here’s our collection of available workshops through to July in 2018. Follow the links to find out more!

Systematic reviews of diagnostic studies
Where: Vienna, Austria
When: 4-5 April 2018

Participants will learn to define the diagnostic ‘journey’ of a patient with a particular health problem (including the role of tests), formulate clear diagnostic questions and identify and appraise diagnostic test accuracy studies. They will be introduced into the principles of meta‐analysis, so that they are able to understand and interpret diagnostic meta‐analyses. Participants will also learn how to prepare a GRADE Summary of Findings Table for summarising the results of a diagnostic systematic review.

Economic evaluation for oncology
Where: York, UK
When: 24 April 2018

This training day focusses on the development of economic models specifically in the area of oncology. The sessions will include overviews of the most common methods for modelling treatments for cancer, and will pay particular attention to the areas that prove most challenging in HTA, including survival curve analysis, data extrapolation, quality of life modelling (including adverse events), handling treatment discontinuation, modelling disease progression and post-progression model assumptions.

Writing a systematic review following Cochrane methods
Where: Adelaide, Australia
When: 2 May to 4 May, 2018

This three-day workshop, organised by Cochrane Australia, is designed for authors of intervention reviews who wish to follow Cochrane methods. The workshop provides authors with a comprehensive overview of the methods required to write a protocol and get started on a review. The workshop is suitable for people with little or no experience in systematic reviews who have identified a topic and are either already working on or are about to start working on a review.

Making an economic case to the NHS
Where: York, UK
When: 16 May 2018

This one-day course is aimed at NHS commissioners and providers and private sector organisations who need to understand how to make an economic case for change to the NHS. The training day aims to provide an understanding of the NHS economic context along with an introduction to health economics. The course will explore the use and development of economic models, including return on investment and how the results can be used in business cases. It will also provide practical experience in developing and critiquing business cases.

Analysis methods for systematic reviews
Where: Oxford, UK
When: 22 May 2018

RA3 is designed to target authors who have spent time working on their systematic review, are in the process of (or have just finished) study selection, and are now thinking about their analysis. This day enables authors to think through the appropriateness of their data collection form, and goes into further detail about analysis methods and models, and exploring heterogeneity. Attendees should have completed courses RA1 and RA2 (for more information, go to the Cochrane UK website)

Advanced topics in the analysis and reporting of systematic reviews
Where: Oxford, UK
When: 23 May 2018

RA4 contains a large amount of training material and activities to cover common issues which arise with continuous data types. It also covers how to deal with data in different formats, over-coming unit of analysis issues and dealing with multiplicity in reviews, as well as using GRADE and Summary of Findings Tables. The workshop aims to raise awareness of a variety of methods that are available for use in systematic reviews to overcome common pitfalls, and to empower review authors to seek statistical support when appropriate. Attendees should have completed courses RA1, RA2 and RA3 (for more information, go to the Cochrane UK website)

Face-to-face course on systematic review and meta-analysis of prognosis studies
Where: Utrecht, The Netherlands
When: 28 May to 1 June 2018

In this course we discuss and practice how to define your review question, how to search the literature, how to critically assess the methodological quality of primary prognostic studies, and how to meta-analyze their reported findings. The course consists of web lectures, individual assignments, group discussions, and computer exercises.

The Nottingham Systematic Review Course
Where: Nottingham, UK
When: 19-22 June 2018

The University of Nottingham in the UK is hosting its annual systematic review course from Tuesday 19th June to Friday 22nd June. The course is a great introduction to systematic review methodology, and is suitable for anyone undertaking a Cochrane-style review.

Face-to-face course on systematic reviews and meta-analysis of individual participant data
Where: Utrecht, The Netherlands
When: 25 to 29 June 2018

In this course, we discuss how a meta-analysis involving IPD can be conducted to investigate the comparative efficacy between different interventions, to investigate the accuracy of diagnostic tests, to develop clinical prediction models and to externally validate such models. We place particular emphasis on statistical methods for dealing with between-study heterogeneity, and discuss how to interpret corresponding results. The course consists of plenary presentations, small-group discussions, and computer exercises.

International summer course in prognosis research: concepts, methods and clinical application
Where: Keele, UK
When: 25 to 27 June 2018

This 3-day course is designed to introduce the key components of prognosis research to health professionals and researchers, including: a framework of different prognosis research questions, key principles of study design and methods, interpretation of statistical results about prognosis, limitations of current prognosis research, and how the field can be improved.

Methods for evaluating medical tests and biomarkers
Where: Utrecht, The Netherlands
When: 2-3 July 2018

These two days will have compelling plenary lectures, original oral presentations and interactive poster sessions.Attendees will learn from world-leading experts, discuss their research with peers, and enjoy the Dutch hospitality.  More information about the program, abstract submission, deadlines, hotel accommodation and conference registration is published on the conference website MEMTAB 2018.

The 25th Cochrane Colloquium
Where: Edinburgh, UK
When: 16-18 September 2018

Registration is now open for the 25th Cochrane Colloquium.

The Cochrane Colloquium is an annual event, bringing people together from around the world to discuss research into important global health questions and promote evidence-informed health care.  This year the theme is ‘Cochrane for all – better evidence for better health decisions’.  It is a Patients Included event, co-designed, co-produced and co-presented by healthcare consumers, where everyone’s input is valued equally.

The Colloquium will focus on key goals of Cochrane’s Strategy to 2020:

  • Producing evidence
  • Making evidence accessible
  • Advocating for evidence

Members of the Cochrane Oral Health team will be attending – join us in bonny Scotland!