Cochrane and related training, April to June 2017

Training1There’s some great workshops available to join coming up soon. Follow the links for more details, including course content and fees…

The 6th Guideline Development Workshop: special focus on GRADE for diagnosis
Where: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
When: 10 – 12 April 2017

The Guideline Development Workshop is sponsored by the U.S. GRADE network, an entity of the GRADE working group. The U.S. GRADE network mission is to conduct both basic and advanced GRADE workshops to disseminate best practices in guideline development as well as train GRADE methodologists. This workshop will facilitate the basic principles of guideline methodology, including how to critically appraise the evidence, grade the quality of the evidence, and move from evidence to recommendations by using GRADE.

Developing a protocol for a Cochrane systematic review
Where: Vellore, India
When: 17 – 21 April 2017

Cochrane South Asia aims to improve the quality of health care and health policy in the South Asian region through its activities. As part of its efforts towards capacity-building among health professionals to understand and to conduct systematic reviews, ‘Protocol development workshops’ is held 3 times a year.

Preparation and completion of a Cochrane review
Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
When: 4 May 2017

The aim of the workshop is to facilitate participants in preparing a protocol, carrying out the review process, and writing up the review manuscript. The workshop is open to people who have registered a title with a Cochrane review group (see: How to get involved). The course material for this workshop is the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions.

Writing a systematic review following Cochrane methods
Where: Adelaide, Australia
When: 8 – 10 May 2017

This three-day workshop is designed for authors of intervention reviews who wish to follow Cochrane methods. The workshop provides authors with a comprehensive overview of the methods required to write a protocol and get started on a review. The workshop is suitable for people with little or no experience in systematic reviews who have identified a topic and are either already working on or are about to start working on a review.

Introduction to systematic reviews for food and feed related topics
Where: York, UK
When: 29 – 31 May 2017

The aim of this course, facilitated by the York Health Economics Consortium (YHEC), is to provide an introduction to systematic review methodology with a focus on food and feed related topics. The use of systematic reviews is growing outside of the traditional areas of clinical practice. In this 2.5 day workshop we will focus on applying the systematic methodology to food and feed related topics.

Meta-analysis in systematic reviews for food and feed related topics
Where: York, UK
When: 1 – 2 June 2017

The aim of this course, facilitated by the York Health Economics Consortium (YHEC), is to provide a comprehensive introduction to meta-analysis for systematic reviews of food and feed related topics. Participants will use software to conduct pairwise meta-analysis and meta-regression.

Identifying diagnostic test accuracy studies: strategies and challenges
Where: York, UK
When: 9 June 2017

This training day, facilitated by the York Health Economics Consortium (YHEC), will provide an introduction to the key features of diagnostic test accuracy studies to provide insight into retrieval challenges. This will be followed by an overview of the research evidence on search approaches to identify diagnostic studies and the key current resources available to find studies and reviews. In this fast-moving research area we will explore current searching guidance and highlight key critical appraisal tools for assessing diagnostic test accuracy studies. There will be time to explore and test strategies and resources.

Systematic reviews and meta-analysis
Where: Bristol, UK
When: 12 – 15 June

This course is designed for clinicians, researchers, public health specialists and other health care professionals who want to perform and/or critically appraise systematic reviews and meta-analyses. The course predominantly covers systematic reviews of healthcare interventions, with some material being equally relevant to systematic reviews of other topics. Towards the end of the course, special sessions examine issues in systematic reviews and meta-analyses of observational studies and diagnostic test accuracy.

GRADE CERQual training
Where: Moderna, Italy
When:  13 – 15 June

This workshop for editors and staff of Cochrane Review Groups aims to deepen participants’ understanding of the GRADE approach and to provide practical experience of applying the approach to two different streams of evidence.

The Nottingham Systematic Review Course
Where: Nottingham, UK
When: 20 – 23 June 2017

This course will appeal to all those interested in completing a Cochrane-style review.  Experienced tutors and facilitators will be available to give you practical and individual advice.  After attending the course, participants should be able to understand search strategies, extract data, manage the results of systematic searches, understand the syntheses of the data, apply the methods and conduct reviews independently.

Review author training from Cochrane UK
Where: Oxford
When: 16 – 17 May, 13 – 14 June

Cochrane UK run workshops designed to help people prepare and update Cochrane Systematic Reviews. There are four core workshops to help authors at different stages of review preparation, from beginning a review protocol through to completing the review. If you are based in the UK or Ireland and have had a review title accepted by a Cochrane Review Group, then you may attend the workshops.

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