Cochrane and related training – new courses for 2017

training-7Do you want some training in systematic review methodology? Follow the links to find out more about courses available in 2017…

Developing a Cochrane Systematic Review Workshop
Where: Baltimore, USA
When: 11-13 January 2017

This workshop guides participants through the steps of developing a systematic review. It is limited to Cochrane review authors who have a registered title, protocol or review in the Cochrane Library. The workshop includes presentations about Cochrane methodology (identification of best evidence, quality assessment, synthesis and analysis) and hands-on practice using Cochrane’s RevMan software.

Systematic reviews in health – an introductory training day
Where: Southampton, UK
When: 15 March 2017

This training day provides an introductory overview of all aspects of systematic reviewing in health. It is designed for health professionals, academics and decision makers with an understanding of health and related research.

Beginning a systematic review protocol (RA1) and The methods section of the protocol (RA2)
Where: Oxford, UK
When:17-18 January, or 28 February-1 March

RA1 is targeted at authors who are at the very beginning of the review process and includes small group discussions around each authors review question. This workshop also incorporates an introduction to RevMan, and the appropriate procedures for working on a protocol using RevMan. RA2 is usually run on the day following RA1, so authors can choose to take the two days in succession or as stand-alone courses. This day is designed to help authors further develop their protocol, introducing them to searching for studies, study selection and data collection procedures, risk of bias, and analysis topics which require planning at the protocol stage. The day contains activities which enable authors to reflect on their own protocol and time to work in RevMan.

Systematic reviews of quantitative and / or qualitative evidence
Where: Leuven, Belgium
When: 29-31 March 2017

A multi-disciplinary workshop designed to provide faculty, PhD, doctoral students, editors, reviewers and other researchers in the area of Educational, Behavioral, Social Welfare and Healthcare sciences with the fundamental background and skills required to conduct a systematic review of qualitative or quantitative evidence, evaluating the feasibility, appropriateness, meaningfulness of particular interventions or programs, inventorying the experiences of people involved in  treatments, interventions, or therapies or exploring the lived experience of people having a particular disability, disease or living in difficult circumstances. The workshop is organised in collaboration with the Cochrane Qualitative Research and Implementation Methods Group.

2017 Webinars from Cochrane Learning Live

Cochrane Learning Live presents the following webinars in January-March 2017:

Using blogshots for knowledge translation – what works and how to do it
26 January, 12pm UTC time

Blogshots and knowledge translation (KT): where have they have come from and how have we developed them? What do we put into them? What are the challenges? What benefits do they bring? How to make them, share them and measure their impact.

GRADE-CERQual: an introduction for qualitative evidence synthesis
15 February, 12pm UTC time

Qualitative evidence syntheses (or systematic reviews of qualitative studies) are increasingly used to bring together findings from individual qualitative studies. However, it is difficult to use these findings to inform decisions and policies because methods to assess how much confidence to place in synthesised findings are poorly developed. This webinar will present the Confidence in the Evidence from Reviews of Qualitative research (GRADE-CERQual) approach.

Recordings of previous webinars can be found on the Cochrane Learning Live website.

Cochrane UK and Ireland Symposium, 2017

© Copyright Dave Price and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Copyright Dave Price, reproduced under Creative Commons Licence

This year’s symposium will take place at Keble College, Oxford, on the 14 and 15 March 2017. The theme is “Cochrane through the looking glass”… Confirmed speakers include Chris Whitty (Chief Scientific Adviser for the UK Department of Health), John Newton (Chief Knowledge Officer, Public Health England), Tim Harford (Financial Times) and Hywel Williams (Centre of Evidence-Based Dermatology, University of Nottingham).

Registration is open, and there is a call for workshops.

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