Autumn training opportunities for Cochrane contributors

training23The following training courses are available in Autumn 2016. Follow the links for more information:

Software to support the systematic review process
Where: York, UK
When: 6-7 October 2016

YHEC, in association with the Systematic Review Toolbox, are running two workshops at The University of York to provide an overview of selected software tools currently available to support the production of systematic reviews. These two linked workshops will provide an opportunity to learn about special-purpose software tools currently available to support systematic reviews and to share experiences of using software in practice. The workshop will be led by Dr Chris Marshall, the editor and developer of a community-driven web-based catalogue of systematic review tools, the Systematic Review Toolbox. Participants can register for one or both days.

Medical statistics for non-statisticians (advanced)
Where: Krems, Austria (in German)
When: 8-9 November 2016

Advanced course in the use of SPSS and BiAS for Windows. Participants should have attended the previous course Medical statistics for non-statisticians.

Review completion workshop
Where: Melbourne, Australia
When: 14-18 November 2016

This five-day workshop is designed to provide dedicated time and support to review authors who are working to complete or update their Cochrane review. Authors visit the Centre for a week to work on their review, with expert review authors and methodologists on hand to provide advice and support. The workshop is aimed for authors who have published the protocol for their review, and completed the literature search.

GRADE workshop
Where: Krems, Austria (in German)
When: 21-22 November 2016

Participants will learn the basic principles of GRADE for evaluating the quality of evidence. The GRADE profiler will be presented, and demonstrated with examples.

Cochrane Standard Author Training Workshop
Where: Edmonton, Canada
When: 23-25 November 2016

This is a 2.5-day session to learn the basic skills of conducting a Cochrane review. Topics include protocols, setting your question, literature searching, study selection, assessing bias, data and analysis, formulating conclusions, and a hands-on session with the Review Manager software.

Developing a protocol for a Cochrane systematic review
Where: Penang, Malaysia
When: 29 November-1 December 2016

This 3-day workshop on Developing a Protocol for a Cochrane Systematic Review is for individuals that are in the process of or are considering authoring a Cochrane systematic review. It is most suited to authors who already have a registered title, but authors who have not yet identified a title will also benefit from the course and will be given assistance to develop a title.

In addition to these face-to-face workshops, Cochrane Learning Live presents the following free webinars:

It’s still not too late to register for the Cochrane Colloquium in Seoul, South Korea. Sign up closes on October 10th. With over 100 workshops to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

To find out more and to register, visit the Colloquium website.