Cochrane and related training for September and October

trainingTraining in systematic review methodology is available in September and October 2015. Follow the links to find out more!

Beginning a Systematic Review Protocol
When: 23 September 2015
Where: Oxford, UK

RA1 is targeted at authors who are at the very beginning of the review process and includes small group discussions around each authors review question. This workshop also incorporates an introduction to RevMan, and the appropriate procedures for working on a protocol using RevMan.

The Methods Section of the Protocol
When: 24 September 2015
Where: Oxford, UK

RA2 is usually run on the day following RA1, so authors can choose to take the two days in succession or as stand-alone courses. This day is designed to help authors further develop their protocol, introducing them to searching for studies, study selection and data collection procedures, risk of bias, and analysis topics which require planning at the protocol stage. The day contains activities which enable authors to reflect on their own protocol and time to work in RevMan.

Systematic reviews in evidence-based health care (in German)
When: 24-26 September 2015
Where: Freiburg, Germany

This course is an introduction for users of systematic reviews, as well as for participants who are considering writing a review themselves and want to get more information about the process. Participants gain insight into the background of systematic reviews and their role in evidence-based medicine. In addition, they learn to evaluate studies and reviews critically in guided group work.
Content: Hands-on tutorial on The Cochrane Library, MEDLINE and Review Manager review production software, and more. Workshop language is German.

Advanced Search Techniques for Systematic Reviews, HTA and Guidelines
When: 20 October 2015
Where: York, UK

This advanced course on search techniques complements our advanced course on search strategy design. This workshop will provide opportunities to learn new techniques, to discuss best approaches, to share insights and to assess variations in current best practice. The workshop will be facilitated by information specialists experienced in literature searching to inform systematic reviews and HTAs and in conducting research into the evidence base for information retrieval. Participants are encouraged to suggest topics / issues in advance for discussion during the workshop.

Advanced Search Strategy Design for Complex Topics
When: 21 October 2015
Where: York, UK

This is a re-designed advanced course on search strategy design for complex topics and complements our course on advanced search techniques. As the volume of published research grows it is becoming more challenging to identify efficiently studies performed according to specific methods or relating to broad topics. As well as increasing volumes of research, many research topics are complex to capture in search strategies. Examples of complex topics may include, but are not limited to, reviews of complex interventions, reviews requiring the identification of study designs other than RCTs, public health and social care topics, veterinary literature, food and feed safety research.

Don’t forget that the Cochrane Colloquium will be held in Vienna this year, 3-7 October 2015. To register and find out more, visit the Colloquium website: