Cochrane and related training for March, April and May 2015

trainingHere are the latest training courses on systematic reviews and evidence based health. Follow the links to find out more!

Systematic Reviews Course Part II: ‘Conducting a Cochrane Systematic Review’
Where: Leuven, Belgium
When: 4-5 March 2015

The Belgian Branch of the Dutch Cochrane Centre organizes a two-day course on practical aspects related to the conduct of Cochrane systematic reviews. Using both plenary and practical sessions, participants learn how to perform a Cochrane systematic review. Topics include: doing the searches, assessing risk of bias of included studies, data analysis and interpretation. Participants get hands-on training with the Cochrane’s software for preparing and maintaining Cochrane Reviews.

Systematic reviews in medicine
Where: Freiburg, Germany (course in German)
When: 5-7 March 2015

Basic course in evidence-based medicine. This course is an introduction for users of systematic reviews, as well as for participants who are considering writing a review themselves and want to get more information about the process. Participants gain insight into the background of systematic reviews and their role in evidence-based medicine. In addition, they learn to evaluate studies and reviews critically in guided group work. Content: Hands-on tutorial on The Cochrane Library, MEDLINE and Review Manager review production software, and more.

Critical appraisal skills programme: train the trainer event
Where: Oxford, UK
When: 23-26 March 2015

A 4-day training programme designed for people who want to be more confident in critically appraising research evidence & teaching critical appraisal skills to others. This covers an introduction to evidence-based health care and decision making, a half day finding the evidence workshop and the critical appraisal of Randomised Controlled Trials, Systematic Reviews and Qualitative Research. To support critical appraisal of evidence we spend some time making sense of effect measurements and size, and estimations of bias and chance in results.  Towards the end of the course participants practice their critical appraisal teaching skills in small groups with peer and facilitator feedback. We encourage people to try out new teaching ideas and approaches in a safe and relaxed environment.

GRADE Workshop: Grading evidence and recommendations
Where: Freiburg, Germany (course in German)
When: 26-27 March 2015

Basic course for authors of clinical guidelines, HTA reports or systematic reviews. Participants will gain an understanding of the basic principles of GRADE methodology and of the steps of critical appraisal of evidence. They will acquire a basic knowledge of the GRADEpro software and how to create an evidence profile for a therapeutic intervention based on a systematic review.

Advanced GRADE Workshop: Grading evidence and recommendations
Where: Freiburg, Germany (course in German)
When: 26-27 March 2015

For health care professionals who use the GRADE system or health care professionals who have already attended the basic GRADE workshop. Participants should have a knowledge of critical appraisal and experience of the GRADE system.

Introduction to writing a Cochrane review
Where: Adelaide, Australia
When: 13-15 May 2015

This three-day workshop is designed for new authors starting a Cochrane systematic review. A mixture of presentations and hands-on sessions will give you an overview of all the methods required to write your protocol and get started on the review.

Review completion workshop
Where: Melbourne, Australia
When: 25-29 May 2015

Review completion workshops are designed to provide dedicated time and support to review authors who are working to complete or update their Cochrane systematic review. Authors visit the ACC for a week to work on their review, with expert trainers on hand to provide advice and support. In addition to dedication working time, the workshop will be tailored to individual author’s learning needs, and may provide teaching and discussion on assessing the eligibility of studies, data collection, assessing risk of bias, using the Review Manager software, statistical analysis, interpreting results and drafting the final review.


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