Rev Man – important new update!

rm5logoCochrane authors should be aware that the review writing software Rev Man has just undergone a major update. If you already have a copy of Rev Man installed on your computer, you will be prompted to update the next time you log in. Follow the instructions to use the new features!

New features include:

  • A guidance pane to show Methodological Expectations of Cochrane Intervention Reviews (MECIR) guidance whilst you are working on your review
  • Flexible reviews: a new review type; ‘Flexible reviews’, can now be edited in RevMan. Use of the flexible review type within Cochrane is still being prototyped, and individual review groups (or authors) cannot currently write and publish these reviews without approval from the Methods Groups.
  • Study centric view: This is a new way to order the display of study information in a review. It groups  all information regarding each study under the Study ID in the outline pane
  • Risk of bias summary at outcome level: the Risk of Bias (RoB) summary table for an outcome can now be viewed in data tables and the Forest Plot window and be included in Figures based on forest plots.

To read more on the new features, go to the Cochrane Information and Knowledge Management Department website.

New users can install Rev Man by visiting the Download page, and help and support documentation is available.

Any issues authors have with installing the new version should be reported to