New title registered at the Cochrane Oral Health Group


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The Cochrane Oral Health Group registered one new title at their Editorial Meeting in April:

Interventions for preventing early childhood caries in pregnant women and mothers of infants up to 12 months old

This new review looks at early and maternal prevention of tooth decay in babies and is part of a larger project to improve oral health outcomes for children of migrant refugee communities.


Dental caries is a common chronic disease of childhood which can cause pain and infection, and in severe cases leads to teeth having to be removed. Caries can be prevented by controlling eating and dietary patterns, improving oral hygiene practices and visits to the dentist. This review will explore whether improving the oral health status of mothers benefits their children. Interventions which increase mothers’ knowledge of their own oral health issues (such as diet and improving oral hygiene habits) may impact on how they care for the oral health of their baby. Improvements in maternal oral health may reduce bacteria which cause tooth decay, which will in turn reduce the risk of transmission of these bacteria to children. The team undertaking the review will consider randomized controlled trials of any intervention which is targeted at mothers, including preventive measures like mouthrinses, fluoride regimens or oral health promotion.

This new review will be led by Nicky Kilpatrick, from Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia. Nicky will be joined on the team by colleagues Elisha Riggs and Jane Yelland, Linda Slack-Smith (University of Western Australia) and Barbara Chadwick (Cardiff University).

Our next Editorial Meeting to consider new title submissions will be held in October 2014. If you are interested in undertaking a systematic review in oral health, visit our website for more information on how to get involved.