Cochrane and related training for March 2014

classroomThe following workshops and short courses are available in March 2014, follow the links for more information!

Systematic reviews for policy and practice
When: 18 March – 17 April
Where: EPPI-Centre, Institute of Education, University of London, London, UK

This course will enable you to conduct and appraise systematic reviews. On successful completion of the course, you will be familiar with the strengths and limitations of systematic reviews and have a critical appreciation of evidence-informed policy and practice. Systematic Reviews for Policy and Practice is designed for experienced researchers or recent graduates who wish to be able to evaluate and use both quantitative and qualitative research in their workplace. This course will provide the knowledge and skills to support your career development in roles where producing or appraising research is essential. Relevant for the academic, government and voluntary sectors.

Systematic review and meta-analysis formulation
When: 19 – 20 March

Where: Tanta University Faculty of Medicine, Tanta, Egypt

Cochrane standard author training. This course will explain the components of systematic reviews and meta-analyses, help authors define a review question and develop eligibility criteria. Other topics explored include searching for studies, assessing risk of bias, data analysis and summary of findings with GRADE Pro.

Systematic reviews in medicine [in German]
When: 20 – 22 March
Where: Freiberg, Germany

This course is an introduction for users of systematic reviews, as well as for participants who are considering writing a review themselves and want to get more information about the process. Participants gain insight into the background of systematic reviews and their role in evidence-based medicine. In addition, they learn to evaluate studies and reviews critically in guided group work.

Advanced GRADE workshop:  grading evidence and recommendation [in German]
When: 21 – 22 March
Where: Freiberg, Germany

For health care professionals who use the GRADE system or health care professionals who have already attended the basic GRADE workshop. This course aims to help participants to understand how the GRADE methodology provides an appropriate approach that includes the requirement for a simple and manageable system as well as the need for a broad integration of all important aspects of decision making. By the end of the course, participants will have learned how to apply the GRADE Pro software, and create evidence profiles on the basis of systematic reviews, clinical guidelines or HTA reports using GRADE.

GRADE Workshop: grading evidence and recommendations [in German]
When: 21 – 22 March
Where: Freiberg, Germany

A basic course for authors of clinical guidelines, HTA reports or systematic reviews. The course will help participants to understand the basic principles of GRADE methodology, to understand the steps of critical appraisal of evidence and the impact of quality of evidence on the strength of recommendations. Training will be given on the GRADE Pro software.