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c. Hakan Svensson (Xauxa)

A new review, an updated review and a new protocol from the Cochrane Oral Health Group were published in the Cochrane Library in September.

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Interventions for managing relapse of the lower front teeth after orthodontic treatment
By Yongchun Yu, Jie Sun, Wenli Lai, Taixiang Wu, Stephen Koshy, Zongdao Shi

This review considers the effectiveness of fixed braces or removable retainers for managing relapse of lower front teeth after orthodontic treatment. Maintaining lower front teeth in the corrected position after orthodontic treatment is an important problem. However, this review found that there were no clinical trials which considered this question and that there was no evidence to support using one form of treatment for managing relapse over another.

Interventions for replacing missing teeth: dental implants in zygomatic bone for the rehabilitation of the severely deficient edentulous maxilla
By Marco Esposito and Helen Worthington

An updated search was conducted for this review, which considers the beneficial and harmful effects of long tooth implants passing through the sinus and into the cheekbone, as an alternative to procedures designed to build up missing bone in the jaw (such as bone grafting). No trials were found that compare zygomatic implants with conventional bone grafting.

Xylitol-containing products for preventing dental caries in children and adolescents
By Mohammad O Sharif, Farooq Ahmed, Helen V Worthington

Dental caries affects 60-90% of children as well as the majority of adults. This is a protocol for a new review which will examine whether xylitol – a sugar substitute – can help to prevent tooth decay. In this review we are specifically interested in xylitol-containing gels, toothpastes, varnishes, mouthrinses, chewing gums and sprays.

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