Launch of Cochrane Oral Health Group Pre-Submission Checklists

120px-Checkbox.svgThe Cochrane Oral Health Group has developed two new checklists to help authors ensure that their reviews and protocols meet the new Methodological Expectations of Cochrane Intervention Reviews (MECIR) standards.

The Cochrane Handbook is the official document that describes the process of preparing and maintaining Cochrane reviews, and you should refer to it at all stages of the review process.  The Cochrane Collaboration have also developed the MECIR guidance, a set of methodological expectations for Cochrane protocols, reviews and updates of reviews on the effects of interventions. The Cochrane Oral Health Group supports these conduct and reporting standards which reflect the recommendations in the Cochrane Handbook. Full details about the expectations can be found on the Cochrane Editorial Unit website.

The Oral Health Group editorial process aims to take account of these standards and make sure they are implemented in our reviews. To facilitate this we are introducing the COHG Authors Pre-submission Checklists for both protocols and reviews (and review updates). The checklists are designed to help authors to complete Cochrane protocols and reviews to the desirable standards before they are submitted for editorial approval. Each checklist gives information on the details required to be reported in the protocol/review including formatting, contact details, references and appendices. Authors should make sure that they take account of every item in the checklist.

Authors working on first drafts of either protocols, reviews or updates, should complete the relevant checklist and email it to when the completed draft is checked into Archie for editorial approval.

The checklists can be found on our website. If you have any questions, contact the Editorial Base.