New Cochrane Oral Health Group publications in the new edition of the Cochrane Library

Issue 4 of the Cochrane Library for 2013 has been published and features one update, one new review and one new protocol from the Oral Health Group. Follow the links to read more!


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Updated review:
Initial arch wires for tooth alignment during orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances
Fan Jian, Wenli Lai, Susan Furness, Grant T McIntyre, Declan Millett, Joy Hickman, Yan Wang

Over recent years a number of new materials (various metal alloys, or mixtures, of nickel and titanium (NiTi)) have been developed which manufacturers claim offer benefits in terms of tooth alignment. Clinical trials of these products in people undergoing orthodontic treatment are required to understand whether different types of initial arch wires actually result in important differences, such as faster alignment, reduced pain or reduced side-effects, during orthodontic treatment. The Cochrane Oral Health Group undertook this review of existing studies to identify and assess the evidence for the effects of initial arch wires of different materials, shape and size of cross-section for alignment of teeth with fixed orthodontic braces in relation to alignment speed, root resorption and pain intensity. 9 trials were included, with 571 participants.

Interventions for treating traumatised permanent front teeth: luxated (dislodged) teeth
Flavia M Belmonte, Cristiane Macedo, Peter F Day, Humberto Saconato, Virginia Fernandes Moça Trevisani

Traumatic injuries to upper front teeth in children and young adults are common. The Cochrane Oral Health Group conducted this review to look at interventions to treat the front permanent (adult) tooth or teeth when they have been displaced from their original position following injury. This review does not include teeth that have been completely knocked out (avulsion). No studies were identified which met the inclusion criteria.

New protocol:
Interventions for the management of taste disturbances
Nagraj Sumanth Kumbargere, Yedthare Shetty Naresh, Kandula Srinivas, P Renjith George, Ashish Shrestha, David Levenson, Debra M Ferraiolo

A protocol for a new Cochrane review which will focus on randomized controlled trials of any pharmacological or non-pharmacological agent which aims to improve taste acuity in patients with taste disorders.

Other highlights of the Cochrane Library, Issue 4, 2013 include:

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