Cochrane Collaboration agrees new contract with John Wiley & Sons

cclogo100x124The Cochrane Collaboration has signed a new publishing agreement with Wiley to run until 2018.

Highlights of the new agreement include:

  • All Cochrane reviews to be open access 12 months after publication in the Cochrane Library from February 2013. Authors are also able to fund the publication of individual reviews to be available through open access immediately.
  • Improvement of accessibility for non-English language users
  • Opportunities for the growth and development of new products and services to better serve both clinical and non-clinical communities, with increased investment in technology
  • Moving from monthly publication of Cochrane Reviews and protocols to a ‘publish when ready’ model, to be implemented during 2013.

The Collaboration’s CEO Mark Wilson said: “This new agreement provides a huge boost to The Cochrane Collaboration’s work…It marks a significant advance in establishing funded, free, and open access to Cochrane systematic reviews for clinicians, researchers and patients around the world; provides major investment in technology and new product development to keep us at the cutting edge of innovation in healthcare information; and also supports our organizational ambitions to promote evidence-based health care across the globe.”

For more information see the Website.