New version of RevMan

rm5logoThe new version of RevMan (RevMan 5.2) is now available. Current users of RevMan will get prompted to download the new version when they open the software. The biggest changes are around Diagnostic Test Accuracy reviews, as RevMan now includes support for the new QUADAS-2 tool.

Other changes include:

  • The ability to import studies containing study data in XML format, including Study characteristics. For intervention reviews only.
  • References can now be exported in Vancouver style.
  • PDF previews of reviews can now be generated prior to publication using the “File” menu.
  • Active choice of forest plot labels is now required. A validation error will be generated if the labels are left as “default”.
  • There is now a validation check for the accuracy of references to other Cochrane reviews.

Numerous fixes have also been introduced. For further information on all the changes, go to the RevMan What’s New page. For help getting started with RevMan, check out the Documentation on the website.