Issue 12 of the Cochrane Library is out, with new publications from the Oral Health Group

Issue 12, 2012 of the Cochrane Library has been published and features one new review, one updated search and two new protocols from the Cochrane Oral Health Group.

dry-socket-part2New review:
Local interventions for the management of alveolar osteitis (dry socket)
Blánaid Daly, Mohammad O Sharif, Tim Newton, Kate Jones, Helen V Worthington

This new review looked at 21 trials, covering 2570 participants. It found there was some evidence that chlorhexidine gluconate rinse can reduce the risk of having a dry sociket, as can placing chlorhexidine gel. However, the review also advises caution in the use of chlorhexidine due to the potential for side effects including anaphlaxis.

Updated search:
Extraction of primary (baby) teeth for unerupted palatally displaced permanent canine teeth in children
Nicola Parkin, Susan Furness, Anwar Shah, Bikram Thind, Zoe Marshman, Gillian Glenroy, Fiona Dyer, Philip E Benson

An updated literature search was performed for this review, but no new trials were identified. The review looks at displaced canines and whether or not they should be extracted. Only two trials were included, covering 125 participants. Both trials were methodologically flawed and there remains no reliable evidence on this topic.

oralcancer6New protocol:
Diagnostic tests for oral cancer and potentially malignant disorders in patients presenting with clinically evident lesions
Joseph LY Liu, Tanya Walsh, Alexander R Kerr, Mark Lingen, Paul Brocklehurst, Graham Ogden, Saman Warnakulasuriya, Crispian Scully

This is the Oral Health Group’s second protocol for a review of diagnostic test accuracy studies. The aim is to estimate the accuracy of index tests for the detection of oral cancer and potentially malignant disorders of the lip and oral cavity in patients presenting with clinically evident lesions, and to estimate the relative accuracy of the different tests.

New protocol:
Non pharmacological interventions for alleviating pain during orthodontic treatment
Hardus Strydom, Nikolaos Pandis, Christos Katsaros, Michele Curatolo, Piotr Fudalej

This is a protocol for a new Oral Health Group review, the aim of which is to assess the effects of non-pharmacological interventions to alleviate pain associated with orthodontic treatment.

Other highlights of the Cochrane Library, Issue 12, 2012 include:

There is also an editorial on Convincing evidence from controlled and uncontrolled studies on the lipid-lowering effect of a statin.
This is the last edition for 2012. The next issue will be published on 31 January, 2013.