Cochrane and related training for January 2013

ClassroomThe following training courses are available in January 2013. Follow the links for more information!

Developing a Cochrane Systematic Review
When: 16-18 January 2013
Where: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

This workshop guides participants through the steps of developing a systematic review and includes presentations about Cochrane Collaboration methodology, hands-on practice using The Cochrane Collaboration’s RevMan software, and a statistics review session. It is limited to Cochrane Review authors who have a registered title, have published a protocol in The Cochrane Library or who have a protocol approved for publication by a Cochrane Review Group.

Participative Research and Policy
When: 16 January 2013
Where: EPPI-Centre, Institute of Education, University of London, London, UK

Learn how to involve policymakers, practitioners and service users in doing and using research in this one day course. Participants will critically engage with the latest theories and debates about the relevance and application of research findings for policy, practice and personal decisions. It will be of interest to policy makers, practitioners and personal decision makers wanting to critically analyse research-based evidence in their field.

CASP: Introduction to Critical Appraisal

When: 16 January 2013
Where: Kellogg College, Oxford, UK

Two half day training workshops: Making sense of systematic reviews (09:00-12:30) and Randomised controlled trials (13:30-17:00) are available to help develop the skills needed to make sense of scientific evidence. It is an interactive workshop with “hands on” experience of critically appraising the literature.

Webinar: Supporting Evidence‐Informed Policy-making: The Role of Health Systems Evidence, Stakeholder Dialogues, and Other Initiatives
When: 23 January 2013
Where: Online

A one hour webinar looking at evidence-informed policymaking. It will consider the challenges, and will include information on Health Systems Evidence and stakeholder dialogues informed by evidence briefs. It is presented by Dr. John Lavis, the director of the McMaster Health Forum.

Cochrane Standard Author Training
When: 30 January to 1 February 2013
Where: Irving K Barber Learning Centre, Vancouver, Canada

A three day workshop which teaches the basic skills of conducting a Cochrane Review including: setting your question, literature searching, protocols, study selection, assessing bias, data and analysis, formulating conclusions and a hands on session with the Rev Man software.

Don’t forget to register for the Cochrane UK and Ireland 21st Anniversary Symposium, which will be held in Oxford on 20th and 21st March 2013. Help us celebrate 21 years of Cochrane and look forward to the future of the Collaboration.