Cochrane and related training for October 2012

The following training courses, meetings and workshops are available in October:

EQUATOR Scientific Symposium 2012: ACT now: Accuracy, Completeness, and Transparency in health research reporting
When: 11-12 October

Where: Freiburg, Germany

This two day meeting will be of interest to health research scientists and clinicians, journal editors and peer reviewers, reporting guideline developers, publishers, research funders and other professionals involved in research education, research governance and the publication of medical research.

The focus of the meeting is to:

* Highlight critical issues in health research reporting and its wider consequences
* Present key findings from relevant scientific research; topics include:
* Reporting quality of research studies in all areas of medicine
* Common problems in research reporting (e.g. publication bias, selective reporting, inconsistencies between protocol and publication, misinterpretation of research findings)
* Impact and consequences of poor reporting on systematic reviews and clinical guidelines, clinical practice and patients’ care
* Development of robust reporting guidelines
* Increasing awareness and knowledge of principles of rigorous research reporting and available guidelines
* Implementation of reporting guidelines in journals, and by research and funding organisations
* Development and delivery of educational and training programmes on research reporting
* Discuss potential solutions for improvement of health research literature and share experiences

Developing a protocol for a Cochrane systematic review
When: 16-18 October
Where: Medical School, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

This course is suited to Cochrane authors who have a registered title. The three day course will look at how to structure a Cochrane protocol and will give participants the chance to develop and refine their own protocols. It also includes some training on the RevMan software. It will be taught using a mixture of presentations and small group activities.

Analysing qualitative reviews
When: 18-19 October
Where: Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford, UK

A two day course which will introduce the principles and practice of qualitative interview data analysis, with emphasis on thematic analysis techniques. It will be taught using a combination of practical workshops, group discussions and formal lectures.

Systematic reviews in health
When: 23 October
Where: Southampton Technology Assessments Centre, University of Southamption, UK

A training day and introductory overview of all aspects of systematic reviewing in health. It is designed for health professionals, academics and decision makers. It will cover scoping the research question, literature searching, inclusion/exclusion screening, data extraction and critical appraisal and data synthesis.

Introduction to focus groups
When: 26 October
Where: Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford, UK

This is a one day course aimed at health professionals, researchers and postgraduate students who are interested in developing skills in organizing and facilitating focus groups. The course is taught using practical exercises and small group work.

Understanding and grading evidence from diagnostic studies
When: 29-30 October
Where: Suva Headquarters, Lucerne, Switzerland

Introduction to the concept of diagnostic studies, their study designs, measures of diagnostic test accuracy and DTA reviews using Cochrane methodology. The second day introduces the GRADE framework, and assessment of evidence quality. The course will be taught with plenary sessions and small group works, with opportunity for discussion and questions in an informal setting.

Review Manager 5 for new authors (Webinar)
When: 30 October (12.00 to 13.00 BST)
Where: online

Learn from John MacDonald, Managing Editor, Cochrane Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Functional Bowel Disorders Review Group, on how to use Review Manager for your Cochrane Review. This short webinar will cover the basics, from opening and saving your files to uploading additional figures, and from tracking changes to conducting meta-analysis.

Preparation and completion of a Cochrane review
When: 31 October
Where: Nordic Cochrane Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark

This workshop is for people with a registered Cochrane title. The aim is to facilitate participants in preparing a protocol, carrying out the review process and writing up the review. The rationale behind and the main characteristics of a Cochrane protocol will be discussed briefly at the workshop. The remainder of the day has been alloted to a detailed discussion of the individual participants’ protocols. Registration is 4 weeks prior to the workshop.

How to practise evidence-based child health
When: 31 October – 2 November
Where: Centre for Evidence-Based Child Health, UCL Institute of Child Health, London, UK

A 3-day course for health professionals who want to enhance their clinical or research skills, learn more about how to use the best available evidence in their everyday practice and examine evidence underpinning guidelines. It is designed for participants who primarily want to practice, rather than teach, evidence-based practice. Previous experience in using research evidence to inform decisions is an advantage but not essential.