Online learning from the Cochrane Collaboration

In addition to face-to-face workshops (see schedule for information on these), the Cochrane Collaboration now has a range of online learning modules for review authors.

In order to access these, you must:

  • Be an author on a registered Cochrane systematic review (contact the Editorial Base for information on how to register a title in the field of Oral Health, or visit the Oral Health Group website)
  • Have a username and password for the Archie information system (this will be generated once you have registered your title)

Six introductory modules are available with further modules in the pipeline:

  • Systematic reviews: an introduction
  • Writing a Cochrane protocol
  • Searching for studies for a Cochrane review
  • Collecting data for a review
  • Meta-analysis: an introduction
  • Heterogeneity: an introduction

Visit Cochrane Training for more information and details on how to access the modules.