Archie for authors and editors

Archie logoArchie is the information system used by the Cochrane Collaboration to store documents and contact details. Archie can be accessed at New users should click on “Request a user account” to gain access. You can also reset your password on the login screen if you have forgotten it by following the links.

Archie allows you to:

  • Read a copy of your review
  • Compare versions of your review
  • Submit your review to the editorial team

Reading your review

Enter the review title in the “Quick Search” box in the right hand corner of the screen.

Click the second icon – Search Documents.

Double click the title to see information about the review (the History tab, for example, allows you to see who checked the review out last and when)

Right click on the title and go to View. From here you can read the latest version, or download a PDF.

Comparing versions

Archie allows you to compare two versions of the same review, so that you can check which changes have been made.

  • Search for the review using the “Quick Search” box as above
  • Double click the title and go to the “History” tab
  • Click on one of the versions you want to compare
  • Hold the CTRL key and click on the other version
  • Click “compare”

New additions to the Review will appear in green and deletions in red, helping you to keep track of the changes . Archie assumes that the most recent version of a review is the best one, but if you want to revert to a previous version, click on it in the History tab to highlight it and then click “Revert to”.

Submitting your review

Reviews can be checked in and out to the RevMan software, which can be downloaded for free. The RevMan software is the standard software for writing Cochrane reviews.  Checking out your review means that only one person can work on the review at any one time, so that authors can keep track of changes and always be working on the current version. We recommend that you check the review back into Archie at the end of each session of writing or editing.

To check out your review and work on it, open RevMan, and go to File>Check Out, then find your review and click on it.

NOTE: If your review is already checked out by someone else, you will NOT be able to check it out. You can find out who has checked out your review by looking at History under Properties in Archie.

To check it back in, go to File>Check In within RevMan.

If you’ve finished with the review but are not ready to submit it, enter a version description (eg Risk of Bias updated) and click “Finish”

If you want to submit to the editorial team for approval, enter a version description, then click “Next” and enter a tick in the box that says “Submit for Editorial Approval”. A series of validation checks will then take place, and if the review is error free, it will go to the Editorial Team and out for peer review.

TIP: Go to “Tools” in RevMan and check the boxes for “Validate as you type” and “Check spelling as you type” to help you produce an error-free review

More detailed help can be found on the Cochrane IMS Website