Cochrane Bias Methods Group: presentations available

The Cochrane Bias Methods Group has made four presentations available for viewing on their website. The presentations are from the Annual Methods Training Event held in Loughborough UK in March 2012.

Topics included:

  • Identifying and getting consistency on good practice Risk of Bias ratings – including useful examples of high and low risk papers
  • Developing areas of methods, such as outcome reporting bias
  • Reaching overall judgements and incorporating risk of bias into analysis
  • Establishing a Bias Methods Network, linking entity representatives with an interest in implementing Risk of Bias assessment in reviews.

The Bias Methods Group is one of 16 Cochrane Methods Groups world-wide comprised of individuals with an interest and expertise in the science of systematic reviews. This group strives to raise awareness of the problem of bias and is exploring important questions with respect to the epidemiology of research results and outcomes. It was established in 2001, recognizing that a deeper understanding of bias was required so that previously published systematic reviews and meta-analyses could be evaluated, and evidence-based guidelines for the conduct of future reviews and meta-analyses be developed. Read more on their website.