The new edition of the Cochrane Library for July 2012 is out today!

The July 2012 edition of the Cochrane Library has been published and features two new protocols from the Cochrane Oral Health Group:

Chlorhexidine versus topical fluoride treatment for the prevention and management of dental caries in children and adolescents
Joerg Eberhard, Tobias Sandmann, Valeria CC Marinho, Henrik Dommisch, Sören Jepsen, Meike Stiesch, Werner Geurtsen

 A protocol for a new review which will consider how topical chlorhexidine compares with topical fluoride on all tooth surfaces in children and adolescents in the prevention and management of tooth decay. The treatment could be a varnish, toothpaste, mouth rinse, gel, spray or chewing gum. The review and results will be published soon!

Direct versus indirect bonding for bracket placement in orthodontic patients
Wenya Huang, Fan Jian, Wenli Lai, Wen Li, Declan T Millett, Grant T McIntyre, Zhihe Zhao, Yan Wang, Zongdao Shi, Taixiang Wu, Guan J Liu, Joy Hickman, Amit Arora

This protocol sets out the methodology for a new review on bonding in placing brackets in orthodontic treatment. It will consider whether directly bonding braces to the teeth is more effective than indirect bonding,  i.e. placing brackets on a plaster model of the patient’s teeth first for adjustment and then transferring to the mouth via a tray.

Other highlights of the Cochrane Library, Issue 7, 2012 include:

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  1. I am a dentist from urgent care oceanside ca and I totally agree with the protocol about topical chlorhexidine. Dentists like me must responsibly know what is safe for our patients. We’re talking about substances that has no immediate effect but can cause harmful effects overtime. That is why it must take years of research to verify if a substance is applicable to humans, in our case, our teeth.

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