Cochrane Resources for Consumers

The Cochrane Collaboration has made all resources involving consumers available in one place. You can find them in the Community section of the website, under Resources at:

These are available to members only (Archie login required)

Two more resources have been added to the collection of tools to use when engaging new consumers:

  •  Introducing Consumers to Cochrane
  • Consumer Involvement in Reviews

The resources include a welcome pack that can be emailed to consumers,  a CCNet brochure introducing the Cochrane Collaboration and a printable illustrative booklet about evidence-based healthcare. There is an email template introducing consumers to the Cochrane Collaboration Consumer Network, inviting them to become members.

Also included are links to, and an article from Sense about Science explaining the rationale for conducting systematic reviews. Consumer referee checklists are available, along with a guidance document explaining what Cochrane Review Groups need from consumer referees, with clear descriptions of the terms contained in each section of the checklists for reviews and protocols.