Have your say on Rev Man 6…

The Cochrane Collaboration‘s IMS team are planning for the new version of Rev Man, the software used by review authors and editors to produce Cochrane systematic reviews. The latest version, Rev Man 6.0, will be released in 2014. They would like to hear suggestions from Rev Man users on how to develop the software further.

Suggestions are sought which enhance any aspect of the software, including the structure of Cochrane Reviews.

In order to prioritize items from the wishlist for RevMan 6 there will be a deadline of Thursday May 31st 2012 for items to be submitted. We therefore encourage users to consider and submit their ideas as soon as they can.

To see what is already being considered for RevMan 6 and to submit new items please visit the RevMan wishlist: http://ims.cochrane.org/revman/new-releases/revman-wish-list