New edition of the Cochrane Library: Issue 1, 2012

Issue 1, 2012 of the Cochrane Library is out and the Cochrane Oral Health Group would like to highlight two new updated searches for existing systematics reviews this month.

Interventions for replacing missing teeth: treatment of peri-implantitis

Marco Esposito, Maria Gabriella Grusovin, Helen V Worthington

This review looks at the most effective treatments for peri-implantitis, a condition which can cause dental implants to be lost.  Nine studies were included in the review, which evaluated eight different treatments. The review looks at deep manual cleaning of diseased implants in addition to locally applied antibiotics, and also the placement of bone substitute with a resorbable barrier. Follow the link to read  the conclusions.

Orthodontic treatment for deep bite and retroclined upper front teeth in children

Declan T Millett, Susan Cunningham, Kevin D O’Brien, Philip E Benson, Alison Williams, Cesar M de Oliveira

This review found no evidence to recommend or discourage any type of orthodontic treatment to correct deep bite in children. Clinical trials are needed in this area to determine which of the two main treatment options used by orthodontists is the most effective.

Other highlights of the Cochrane Library, Issue 1, 2012 include an editorial on Neuraminidase inhibitors for influenza: methods change, principles don’t. Find other highlights at Wiley Blackwell.

Did You Know?
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