The Cochrane Library – changes are coming!

The Cochrane Collaboration Web Development Programme continues apace, and upcoming changes to the Cochrane Library have been announced by Editor-in-Chief David Tovey.

The changes go live on 6th August 2011, and will involve changes to the functionality, appearance and navigation of Cochrane Reviews.



Changes include:

  • Improved fonts, making protocols and reviews easier to read
  • Easy access links to “jump” to different parts of a protocol or review
  • Improved links to references
  • “Cited by” links to find articles which have cited a Cochrane review or protocol
  • Links to find related articles
  • Links for bookmarking and sharing through social media
  • Ability to publish non-English abstracts
  • Updated page layout, making navigation easier, and allowing better discoverability by Google and other search engines.

Read more on the changes here.