Tip of the Week #4 – Customizing Rev Man

How to customize Rev Man 5

You can customize Rev Man by changing the font or changing the settings to improve performance.

To change the font:

  • The font size of the outline pane can be changed under Tools > Preferences > Interface > Size of Text in Outline.
  • The (relative) font size of the Text of Review tab and other text boxes is controlled by the style sheet selected under Tools > Preferences > Interface > Style Sheet. Note: it is not possible to mix font sizes in the text except than by using the heading styles.
  • The font size used for printing is controlled under File > Page Setup > Content > Scale. A smaller value for scale results in a smaller font size. Note for Mac OS users: Sorry, scaling doesn’t work on Mac OS.

To change the settings:

If RevMan is running slowly, e.g. for very big reviews, here are some things you can try:

  • Turn off ‘Validation as You Type’ and ‘Spell checking as You Type’
  • Limit the ‘Undo History Size’ under Tools > Preferences > General. You can even set it to zero if you don’t use undo
  • Check that ‘Save Backup File Every’ under Tools > Preferences > Files is not set too low (e.g. every minute)