Nominations are open for the Chris Silagy Prize

The Chris Silagy Prize is designed to honour the contributions of people who work to support the Cochrane Collaboration, but who are not recognised through any of the scientific awards. It aims to acknowledge the efforts of those who provide support in terms of infrastructure, administration, cohesion and volunteer effort. The prize for 2011 will be awarded at the Cochrane Colloquium, which will be held in Madrid from 19th to 22nd October 2011.

Nominees must have:

  • made an extraordinary contribution to The Cochrane Collaboration;
  • made a contribution that exceeds the expectations of their employment;
  • made a contribution to The Cochrane Collaboration that would not be recognised outside the scope of this Prize
    (PLEASE NOTE: Publishing a piece of research work or preparing a Cochrane systematic review do not fall within the scope of this Prize, as they qualify for other awards and methods of recognition);
  • been identified by their peers as consistently contributing to a spirit of collaboration.

Nominations should be submitted to Jini Hetherington (, at the Cochrane Secretariat by 31 July 2011. Nominations must include the name of the nominator and two seconders, an emailed acceptance of the nomination by the nominee, and a one-page statement outlining the reasons for the nomination.

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