Cochrane Oral Health Group – new titles registered for June 2011

The Cochrane Oral Health Group has registered three new titles from a number submitted in May and June following discussions between the editors.

Interventions for the management of dry mouth: acupuncture and electrostimulation

This review will complement the existing title “Interventions for the management of dry mouth: topical therapies”, and will be undertaken by members of the same team: Sue Furness (a Cochrane Oral Health Group editor) and Gemma Bryan, with statistical input from the Group’s Co-ordinating Editor Helen Worthington. We look forward to publishing both reviews by this very experienced team. The review will concentrate on adults with xerostomia due to adverse effects of pharmacotherapy, or patients with autoimmune conditions (eg Sjogren’s Syndrome), radiotherapy, immune conditions (eg chronic graft versus host disease), and patients undergoing haemodialysis.

Non-pharmacological interventions for alleviating pain during orthodontic treatment

This review will complement the existing review “Drug interventions for pain relief during orthodontic treatment”. The team conducting the review are from the Netherlands, Greece and Switzerland, led by Dr. Piotr Fudalej. It will evaluate the different methods of pain relief during orthodontic treatment (excluding drug interventions), including the use of self-ligating brackets and chewing on bite wafers.

Enamel Matrix Derivative for periodontal regeneration in teeth with furcation involvement         

This review is led by Dr. Brian Stevenson from the University of Dundee. It will compare the use of Enamel Matrix Derivative with other treatment modalities in patients with periodontal disease, who have at least one tooth with furcation involvement (ie bone loss at the base of the tooth).