Cochrane Conflict of Interest forms go electronic

Authors may be aware that Licence for Publication forms must now be completed electronically (see our previous post for information). The Cochrane IMS team have now also released an electronic Conflict of Interest form (CoI form) in Archie.

This is being gradually rolled out, so authors can still use the form generated in RevMan (Declaration of Interest form) if they wish.

Authors access their own personal form in the same way they are asked to access the Licence for Publication form, i.e., through their Archie username and password in response to an email from Archie initiated by the Managing Editor. This email provides the link to the form along with a link to more detailed instructions.

For detailed information on how to use the CoI forms, please see Help > Archie Help and Search for ‘Conflicts of Interest’.

The Cochrane Editorial Unit has clarified Collaboration policy about which published versions of Protocols and Full Reviews require CoI forms. According to the new policy, CoI forms must be completed (or revised) by all authors for all new citation versions of Protocols and Full Reviews, and for all updates of Full Reviews (whether or not the latter are new citation versions). CoI forms do not need to be revised for published versions that are not new citation versions. The relevant section of the Cochrane Policy Manual (section will be updated soon to reflect the new policy.

If you have any questions about electronic Licence for Publication or Conflict of Interest forms, contact the Editorial Base.