Nominations open for the Anne Anderson Award

The Cochrane Collaboration has opened nominations for the Anne Anderson Award.

The goal of the Anne Anderson Award is to recognize and stimulate individuals contributing to the enhancement of women’s visibility and participation in the leadership of the Cochrane Collaboration. The Award is given to a member of The Cochrane Collaboration who has contributed meaningfully to the promotion of women as leaders and contributors to The Cochrane Collaboration. The establishment of the Award was approved by the Cochrane Collaboration Steering Group in 2010, and will be awarded for the first time in 2011 at the Cochrane Colloquium.

The recipient will receive a plaque from The Cochrane Collaboration, honouring their contributions. There is also a cash reward which will be designated by the recipient to assist a woman from a low-resource setting with her Cochrane Collaboration activities.

Past or current active women members of The Cochrane Collaboration are eligible for the award. Recipients will be selected based on the following criteria: emotional and cognitive intelligence, serving as an inspiration to others, evidence of cumulative accomplishment, originality and independence of thought, personal qualities, team building, leadership and mentorship. The nominee’s contribution to or enhancement of women’s visibility within The Cochrane Collaboration, participation in the Collaboration and other leadership, and other accomplishments within the context of the Collaboration will also be considerations.

Nominations can be made by anyone within The Cochrane Collaboration. A one-page letter of nomination summarizing the nominee’s involvement in The Cochrane Collaboration and how she meets the criteria listed above should be submitted. The nomination letter should include specific examples of the nominee’s contribution to the enhancement of women’s visibility and participation in the Cochrane leadership. These contributions may include, but are not limited to, mentoring, training, encouraging, supporting and promoting women for their work in The Cochrane Collaboration, as well as serving as a role model and inspiration. Deliberate use of multiple nominators is discouraged.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is 31 August 2011. Nominations should be sent to Jini Hetherington at the Cochrane Collaboration Secretariat (, with ‘Anne Anderson Award’ in the subject heading.