Introduction of Electronic Licence for Publication Forms

Authors may like to know that the Cochrane Collaboration have now introduced electronic Licence for Publication forms. The Licence for Publication is a contract between a Cochrane review author and the Collaboration, which gives exclusive licence to publish a systematic review (including updates).

Previously, authors have signed paper copies of these forms, but now the process will be managed electronically through the Archie information system. When their review has been approved for publication, authors will now receive an email with a link to the form, and will then log into Archie using their username and password. The form can then be completed and submitted. There are 5 parts:

1. Review information: this will contain the review title, the review group’s name and the authors’ name. The proof of the review can be checked by clicking the button labelled ‘View the final version’.

2. Licence for publication: this should be read carefully, even if the review is an update. Terms and conditions may have changed.

3. Declaration of interest statement: this is there to remind authors what will be published about their conflicts of interest.

4. Special types of work: this section is primarily for authors who have prepared a review as part of their duties working for the UK Government, the US Government or the World Health Organization (WHO), or for NIH grant-holders. Further instructions about what to do will appear when the relevant radio button is selected. An additional form may be required.

5. Acceptance of licence for publication: authors must positively affirm acceptance of the Licence for publication by ticking the box labelled ‘I have read the terms and accept the Licence for publication’. They then type their name exactly as written to ensure that the form has not been submitted by mistake.

If any authors have any problems with the new forms, they should contact the Editorial Base.

The Cochrane IMS team have put together a presentation on electronic licence for publication, here.