Nominations for the Bill Silverman Prize have opened

The Bill Silverman Prize acknowledges the value of criticism of the Cochrane Collaboration, in order to improve its work. The prize was first awarded in 2008, and is named after one of the founders of American neonatal medicine, William Silverman (1924 – 2004).

The prize is awarded every year at the Cochrane Colloquium to a piece of research published or presented in the preceding 12 months. Nominations are now open for the year 1st July 2010 – 30th June 2011. The publication should evaluate any aspect of the preparation, maintenance or dissemination of Cochrane reviews, or the general work of the Cochrane Collaboration, and should emphasise constructive suggestions on how this work could be improved. The research article should also have a positive impact on the scientific quality, relevance and use of Cochrane Reviews. The prize is $1000 and a certificate, which will be awarded to the corresponding author. The prize is not for the preparation of a Cochrane Review, but for published or presented research which demonstrates critical thinking.

Nominations can be made by anyone, including the authors of the publication or presentation being nominted.  Nominations should be emailed to Jini Hetherington ( at the Cochrane Collaboration Secretariat. “Bill Silverman Prize” should appear in the subject heading, and the email should include the citation for the publication or presentation along with  a brief outline of how it meets the criteria for the prize. The presentation or publication must be attached. The deadline for nominations is 31 August 2011.