Did you know about Cochrane special collections?

Wiley, the publishers of the Cochrane Library, have now started to create special collections of Cochrane resources. These are thematic collections of evidence on a key topic, gathered together in one place. They are often made available to coincide with a specific day in the health promotion calendar, or to respond to a particular need (such as the swine flu pandemic).

So far, special collections have included:

There are no dentistry or oral health special collections as yet, but a couple of topics suggest themselves. Oral cancer is a significant disease, with over 400,000 people developing the condition each year (source: Cochrane Review). The Oral Health Group now has a number of published reviews on the subject and two diagnostic test accuracy reviews in process. This could be a potential special collection in future. Another option might be the Group’s reviews on dental caries, which is the most common chronic childhood disease (source: American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) and has a number of published intervention reviews. So watch this space!